About us

Enitecni S.A.G.L., founded in 1993, is specialized in the supply of chemicals for petrochemical plants.

Through our global infrastructure, we serve national and international markets with efficiency, flexibility and innovation.

Enitecni S.A.G.L. has organized all of its resources as people, technology and longstanding expertise at the service of professionals in petrochemicals industry. We built an organization which is present in Europe (Switzerland & Italy) and in Uzbekistan, which offers a range of products and services specifically dedicated to this industrial sector.

We work indeed with the confidence that our customers are satisfied with our dynamic approach to follow their needs and to solve their problems.

To customers, Enitecni S.A.G.L. delivers products, services and solutions to problems.

We are approved suppliers of the most important engineering companies in Europe like Snam Progetti, s.r.l. (Milan, Italy), Tecnimont S.p.A. (Milan, Italy), Ex Tpl (Rome, italy), Technip Group (Paris, France), B.P. Chemicals (London, England), Uhde GMBH (Germany and Spain), Thyssenkrupp A.G. (ex Krupp koppers, Wiesbaden, Germany).